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This is a pool. This is the pool that I learned how to swim when I was little. But I haven't been back to that pool for more than 10 years, maybe that pool is no longer there.

Title: "Pen, Memory" (Jan 2020)
P5.js, express backend
This is a virtual instument that uses text for drawing. Yuzhu performed at the processing community day, 2020 with this instument.
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This is an IKEA chair. This is the chair you buy when you move into your first apartment. This is the chair you sit on when you read this book DIWIF.

Title: "I(ntelligent) V(erity) A(rtificial) R(arity)?" (November 2019)
Material: IKEA IVAR chair, wires, lcd screen, distance sensor, arduino
what is the goal of a chair, if it has the ability to perceive its environment and take actions that maximize its chance of success? What if it tells you that it's alive and intelligent would you take its word for it? Or would you believe it more if its components are hidden like Alexa?
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This is Mars. This is a big ball of red flaming rusty planet. Space suit is a garment worn to keep human alive in harsh environment of outer space, vacuum and temperature extremes.

Title: "My Battery is Low And It's Getting Dark." (May 2019)
This is a poem created for the Opportunity Rover. This piece is intened to be read out loud while viewing. The "skype" like interface allows me to create a facial tracking function within the video feedback. The text changes when the viewr's expression changes, creating a hostile environment for reading the pome out loud, thus, mimicing a human glitch. Moreover, the facial tracking function is not only a device, but it also creates a direct feedback of the reader and the machine. While you are reading the poem, the machine reading you.
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This is the layout of my room (probably the last one) in Chicago. It has a tiny widnow, facing the parking lot and I've never opened the blinds. I have always wanted to live in a loft, with skylight. I would filled the room with lots of cataus, and I would never ever close the blines.

Title: You Are My House (March 2019)
This is a poem that comes into being while demolished. The repetition of the sonic elements in the poem is synonymous with the action that the viewers have to perform to continue reading the poem.
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This is a blue table. On this table is an unfinished novel about the color blue.

Title: Blue (April 2019, AR)
This is a collaborative piece with Insun Kang. Blue is a physical text object that conveys the idea of the color blue and intimacy through three stories each written in a different style and perspective (the unfinished novel). The structure of the object takes the text as its building material and embodies the structure of the writing itself. Blue, in turn, is no longer a text novel, but becomes an object that derives its meaning not from being read but from being seen from infinite possibilities of perspectives informed by the physical environment that both the audience and the object occupy.
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This is the pelvis tattooed on my arm over Frida Kahlo's face. This is my second tattoo, I got it when I was 17. Frida Kahlo probably wouldn't make the top 20 of my favorite artists now, and i have grew tired of the surrealist style. But this is stil one of my favorties tattoos.

Title: Mothers of my Heart (ongoing porject)
When I first encounter the idea "many gendered mothers of my heart", I was reading Maggie Nelson's the Argonauts. The sentence originally came from Dana Ward's poem a Kentucky of Mothers. This piece is dedicated to the many gendered mothers of my heart, including Maggie Nelso and Dana Ward. In which I overlapped my text(red) with Dana's original text(grey), creating a hybrid language. the piece is best viewed on a phone when the width of the window is small and more texts overlaps.
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This is a boot. This is a boot that walked the city of Berlin in the summer of 2018.

Title: Written in Berlin (November 2018, AR)
After visiting Berlin, I was inspired by Teresa Margolles’s Sutura at DAAD gallery, along with the memorial Stolperstein. I am interested in understanding death as a paradox. Being celebrated and as something that every one will experience, death or mortality seems to be a collective experience. Yet nothing can be more person than death. It is an experience of no longer connected to the word, something that cannot be explained because it is unaccessible until death itself. exploring the idea of mortality in both individual and collective perspective I produced a poem written on a used bedsheet, and part of the poem can only be accessed with augmented reality via a personal device.
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This is a printer. This is not the printer which I wrote about in the poem. But this is a printer.

Title: Love poem (November 2018)
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zine Container

untitled, 2016, oil and acrylic on canvas

untitled, 2016, oil and acrylic on canvas

untitled, 2016, oil and acrylic on canvas

untitled, 2016, oil and acrylic on wood panel

Chai creates painterly videos that often explore the representation of materials via collaging and using shapes.

2017, Tango

2017, PoemHead

2017, Collective Education

2017, Do I Dare To Eat An Apple?